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Caution----Some may be offended by these concepts. But it's all information you need to know.

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.:Welcome to our site

Hopefully you are as concerned as we are about a disturbing trend by Honda Motorsports dealers and other motorcycle repair shops. This trend even has a name, "The 10 Year Rule".

So let's all pitch in together and get a message across to the Honda support community. We purchase their product and expect support as long as parts are available.


.: GL1500, Unservicable

Do you realize in 2010 all GL1500s will be deemed unserviceable, according to shops adhereing to the '10 year rule'? That's only 2 years away. Currently, if you ride a 1998 or prior GL1500 and break down or just need a tire changed on a trip you're out of luck. And in 2011 this same disturbing problem begins with the GL1800 series. If Honda wants to keep selling their machines Honda needs to step in and stop this treatment by their dealership network. What is comes down to is we need to look at switching bike brands if we can't support while on the road. Hear that Honda.....???

.: The 10 Year Rule...Very bad for all riders....

The trend by motorcycle shops is that they are refusing to work on, or even change tires on a bike over 10 years old, this is in spite of the fact Honda still makes parts for almost everything ever made. Honda has the power and legal grounds to simply force any dealership to provide service to any product Honda carries parts for, at the same rates as their new products.
While we all would like to see this happen overnight, the reality is it would take time even if Honda wanted to do so. But to Honda, it's in their best interest not to push the issue as it means selling more new product, or so they think. The real goal of this site in our mind is to bring the problem to everyone's attention, including non-Honda riders. By doing so it puts pressure on all dealerships not to come up with dangerous schemes to sell new product. If we get enough attention out there it will hopefully wake up some of the current '10 year dealers' to get their act together, or lose their market base.

.: Submit '10 year dealers' to our listing....

On the left you will see a link where we are posting all 'BAD' dealerships sent to us who support the idea of a rule. All we need from you is an email of the dealership name, city, state and how you know they are supporting this dangerous idea. If you see a dealership listed, you might let them know they're on the list. However, the only way they can get off the list is to send us a letter stating they don't support the 10 year idea, signed by the dealership owner. From the legal side, we are simply posting information the same as a national publication posts 'letters to the editor', so send us the dealership information to post.

At the same time we are comprising a list of 'GOOD' dealers who we have information on that don't support the 10 year idea. So please submitt those dealerships to us for posting as well. They deserve to be listed even more so for their continued support.

.: Don't even buy parts from a '10 year' dealership

Now, for the real meat of the matter. Don't deal with any dealer you find to be supporting the '10 year rule'. This means not having service done, don't purchase parts, don't even by an oil filter from them. And let them know why. It's the only way we are going to get it across to Honda that they will be losing business when you next purchase a bike.

.: "I don't have a 10 year old bike..."

If Honda supports such a destructive idea as the '10 year rule', who's to say they wouldn't support a 7 or 5 year rule, or simply quit making parts for anything over 7 years old? Would you want to get caught up in that situation, and have nobody come to your defense? If you just sit by, shake your head and do nothing about it then you become part of the problem.

.: An open invitation to Honda for a response......

In all fairness, and because we would like to know Honda's position on the matter, I submit an open invitation to Honda of America to respond with their formal stance on what the dealerships are doing. If we get a response it will be posted here immediately.