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As part of our personalized approach to computer tech support, we offer a free initial onsite consultation to help us understand and discuss your particular technical needs. This serves as an important first step in our goal of maximizing the effectiveness and value of the IT services and solutions we provide.

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About CIL Technology

CIL Tech is a Jefferson City MO IT consulting firm providing comprehensive IT solutions for small to large businesses.

Our Jefferson City computer consultanting provides expert-level information technology consulting services at affordable rates - delivering personalized solutions to support your current and future IT needs.

From PC technical support, virus removal, network design, new system deployment, firewall implementation to general printer maintenance and even emergency troubleshooting 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

CIL Tech has the flexibility to customize our IT Consulting Services to fit your specific needs no matter the size.

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Automated Homes &Businesses

A smart home or business is a way to automate, integrate, digitally-enable and "future-proof" your home. CIL Tech will have the structured wiring and systems in place to provide the backbone of a home's communication and data communication.

Automation is one of those rare advances in which all users benefit. It makes for easier communication within your home or business and to the outside world. It also allows for greater security and overall better security and lighting control.

It can save money by allowing the sharing of expensive home theater and audio equipment throughout the entire home. At the same time, homeowners can add great deal of value to the resale value of their residence.

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A 'Smart-home' includes support for the following:Smart Home

Voice (telephone), television (TV), computer (PC) network wiring, security, intercoms, home theater systems, whole home audio and much more...

The purpose of 'Smart-home' is to efficiently distribute, share and interconnect a variety of data signals throughout your home.

To give some more practical examples, a 'Smart-home' system is the foundation which will allow you to:

  • Play a DVD in one room, and watch it on any other TV in your home
  • Be able to watch cable/digital TV in every room in your home
  • Have video cameras outside or inside your home and watch on TV
  • Have many different phone lines throughout your home
  • Connect multiple computers up to share one internet connection
  • Send and share files between all computers your home
  • Share computer devices such as printers anywhere in your home
  • Easily make adjustments to all of these options as needed
  • Control all your home theater audio/video components from any room
  • Listen to music with whole home audio in different rooms
  • Put a video game console on the shared data network

How a 'Smart-home' will "future-proof'" your home

Modern homes are evolving into Smart-homes. They are a place to stay interconnected with the world. Modern smart homes are a place to be entertained with high definition video, digital audio and interactive controls and a place to be protected with security features that monitor and safeguard your home. The wiring of your home will play a crucial rule in defining your Smart Home capabilities.

A 'Smart-home' system installed by CIL Tech starts with structured wiring of your home if currently not wired. Once wiring and cabling is in place then we install and configure the "smart" electronic components in a central location such as a closet wall and then we wire each wall plate throughout the house with the desired smart home features such as telephone, computer network and television.

What is 'Smart-home' structured wiring?Smart Home Systems

Structured wiring is a method of providing the communications infrastructure of your home through the use of several types of wires and cables that support current and will support future smart home technologies.

Structured wiring is installed within wall spaces or in the attic crawlspace so it is not visible. The structured approach is to consistently run a full bundle of wire to every significant room. The full structured bundle of wires often consists of two Cat 5e cables and two coax cables and any other wires needed for custom smart home installation. Usually extra wires are included for any future needs.

The ideal time to install structured wiring is while your home is being built. It is much easier and considerably less expensive to run all the cabling throughout your home before the walls are finished. Most new homes are now built with structured wiring in place so it can be used for smart home systems.

How does a 'Smart-home' work?

A 'Smart-home' system functions like this. All external data lines (such as cable television, telephone, or Internet) come into the house from outside and are run and connected directly to a central 'Smart-home' control panel. This control panel box is usually the size of a large electric circuit breaker panel, and is placed in a utility closet somewhere inside the house. Within the control box, each incoming signal is split and sent down wires to most of the rooms in the house. Basically these wires wind their way through your walls and attic, ultimately ending at wall outlets or jacks placed throughout your home. You then plug devices into the outlets and use them to provide a multitude of great 'Smart-home' functions, such as whole home audio.

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